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Benefits of Metal Roofing

Benefits of Metal Roofing With the current economy, tighter budgets have Bedford, TX homeowners looking for roofing systems that require fewer repairs and last longer, extending the period between replacements. Through better understanding styles and the types of sheet metal roofing, professionals like Charles Martin and Son Roofing can provide recommendations for new metal roof

How Seamless Gutter Installation Saves You Money

With fall in full swing, debris can cause a wealth of problems if there are seamed gutters installed on your Bedford, TX home. Gutters keep water and snow from damaging a home’s roof and foundation, but seamed gutters tend to be less effective. Seamless gutters can help you save money in a variety of ways.

Ways to Prevent Hurricane Damage to Your Roof

Preventing costly hurricane damage to your Colleyville, TX roof starts with basic maintenance that you can do yourself. Your roof takes the brunt of a hurricane, which can pack winds in excess of 155 mph. These winds provide an uplift effect that can pull off shingles, tiles, and even the underlying roof decking. A well-maintained

Wood Shingle Roofing Systems: Maintenance and Repairs

Wood has been used as a roofing material for centuries, especially where other traditional materials such as slate were in short supply. The two most common forms of wood roofing are shakes and shingles. Shakes are typically thicker than shingles and are prepared by splitting off sections of material. This results in a rougher texture