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Benefits of Metal Roofing

With the current economy, tighter budgets have Bedford, TX homeowners looking for roofing systems that require fewer repairs and last longer, extending the period between replacements. Through better understanding styles and the types of sheet metal roofing, professionals like Charles Martin and Son Roofing can provide recommendations for new metal roof installations and conversions of existing roofs to metal.

When talking about basic galvanized steel sheet metal roofing, it has a track record of lasting more than 40 years. Current coatings and galvanic protection techniques allow them to last even longer. Research has proven that combining more durable roofing products with lower maintenance costs is not only better for the environment, but helps the bank as well.

Additionally, sheet metal roofing also contributes to sustainability. The green movements advocates re-use, recycling, and minimizing waste. Sheet metal used in roofing systems often is made from recycled steel. Furthermore its installation also creates less construction waste. Systems coated with highly reflective surfaces designed with insulation and ventilation can also provide significant heating and cooling savings.

For those who wish to match their roof to the style of their home, there is good news. Innovative cool roof coatings have moderate to highly reflective surfaces over a range of colors. Some of these coatings can even increase the emissivity of the metal roof surface. When discussing these types of metal roofing systems, it is essential to understand the categories they fall into.

  • Shingles or Tiles: These tend to contain decorative finishes and textures that can simulate clay tiles or cedar shingles.
  • Panels: Panels are most applicable for roofs with slopes greater than 3:12. They come in a variety of profiles, sizes, and thicknesses.
  • Standing-Seam: Mainly used for low-slope roofs, they feature long, narrow panels that reduce the potential for leaks.

Regardless of whether your home or business is better suited for a traditional roofing system or metal roofs, proper maintenance includes regular inspections to check for distress conditions. Metal roofing systems can be a cost-effective and viable choice for new and replacement roofing. Taking care in selection, design, and installation will result in an attractive, low-maintenance solution. Contact Charles Martin and Son Roofing for your free consultation and estimate today!