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The Roof Vent Trend

Your roof and attic have a special relationship that is often misunderstood. When homeowners hear that their roof may not have adequate ventilation, they don’t realize that roof vents are critical to extending the overall life of their roof. With this component of your Bedford, TX home being one of the most expensive, protecting your roof it vital. Let’s examine how older homes sustain adequate ventilation, roof ridge vents, and hip roof ventilation below.

Modern Ventilation

Older homes have little, if any, roof ventilation. Regardless, they seem to hold up just find. This is due to inferior weather stripping, window insulation, and lack of airtightness. This relays to extremely low energy-efficiency, but enough air circulation to combat the lack of roof ventilation. Through upgrading insulation and putting in replacement windows, you can dramatically cut down on utility costs, but this may also create a ventilation problem. To circumvent this program, roof vents can be added to create adequate ventilation.

Roof Ridge Vents

If your Colleyville, TX home has cathedral ceilings, roof ridge vents is the ventilation system of choice, but there are a variety of option that can be effective. Roof vents including roof ridge vents, soffit vents, and gable vents. Each have slightly different designs but can also overlap. For example, a soffit vent is a type of ridge vent, but ridge vents don’t necessarily have to be installed at your roof soffits. Technology is getting better, but there still is much progress to be made in this area.

Hip Roof Ventilation

Hip roofs are one of the most difficult designs to ventilate due to the long continuous roof area. Soffit vents and a power attic fan tend to work best in combination, even though they can interfere with each other and reduce efficiency. If you need to install any kind of roof ventilation, especially hip roof vents, it’s wise to call a professional contractor such as Charles Martin and Son Roofing. They can provide valid information for your particular roof and local climate conditions.

Adequate roof ventilation reduces cooling bills, extends shingle life, and prevents roof rot. Both roof and soffit vents are simple to install in just a few hours and will protect your home from expensive future repairs. If you would like to learn more about how to properly ventilate your Bedford, TX home, contact Charles Martin and Son Roofing for your free estimate today!