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Keeping Your Metal Roof in Good Shape

Metal roofs have an abundance of advantages including low maintenance and a long life span. But these roofing systems aren’t completely free of upkeep. There are plenty of ways to ensure your Bedford, TX metal roofing remains in tip-top shape including scheduling routine inspections, maintaining the area surrounding your home, and regularly cleaning your roof.

Schedule Routine Inspections

Your metal roof should be inspected at least twice a year and after every severe storm. This can be done from the ground with binoculars or on top of the roof itself. If you choose the latter, make sure you are only walking directly over purlins and joists to avoid any further damage. Look for the following indicators that may need immediate attention:

  • Sealant failures
  • Movement distress in fasteners and panels
  • Damage from hail or debris
  • Missing fastener gaskets
  • Clogs or debris in gutters
  • Corrosion or rust

Maintain Areas Surrounding Your Home

The areas around your home can also shorten the lifespan of your Colleyville, TX roof. Trim any overhanging branches, which can cause structural damage to your roof and other parts of your home. Additionally, brush can drop leaves and twigs that can act as a moisture trap, leading to corrosion and leaks. If you are unable to tend to these areas on your own, a landscaping company may be able to assist.

Clean Your Roof

Keeping your roof free of debris is something that should be done on a regular basis. This encompasses a power wash with gentle detergent to clean the debris without stripping the coating on the metal shingles. Different materials react to certain detergents and chemicals in various ways, so it is important to use the right product for your roof to maintain the appearance and lifespan. Roofing professionals such as Charles Martin and Son Roofing have extensive experience and understand the precautions to take.

Metal roofing systems are an attractive option for many business and homeowners due to their longevity, minimal maintenance, and energy efficiency. If you properly care for it, they can last up to 70 years depending on the material. Charles Martin and Son Roofing provide stone-coated steel roofing systems as well as routine maintenance recommendations to keep your roof in tip-top shape. If you are interested in learning more, contact us for your free estimate today!